What are the Major Features of Viber App?

viber features

Viber app has currently created a great technological revolution in the market as a result of which all the phone, computer and laptop users are using the same. This is a specialized free chatting as well as calling app with the help of which flexible communications can be maintained easily and conveniently. The call connectivity can be easily customized by means of installing this app.

Basic features of Viber app

  1. Instant massaging with great convenience and flexibility is now available by means of Viber app which can be easily downloaded to nay model of Smartphone at any time without any hazard.
  2. Efficient chat space and free calling facilities are being provided to the users so that low-cist communication can be maintained for a long-time with friends or other dear ones.
  3. Light and simple interface can be made by means of this calling and messaging app of Smartphones and this is one of the greatest reasons that this app is in high demand these days.
  4. Heavy usage of battery is always avoided in this case as a result of which the mobile battery can be easily saved and you can use the same for a long period of time.
  5. You can now get absolutely personalized IM conversations with the use of Doodle.
  6. Viber mostly offers multiple facilities altogether that are being provided by other mobile apps individually.
  7. The chats can be effectively transferred and data can be easily shared with laptop or other device as this is completely auto-sync system based.
  8. This app is highly handy and easily accessible for corporate users and thus the business conversations or interactions can be communicated easily without any interruption.
  9. This app can be easily installed and accessed both in computers and Smartphones.
  10. Ongoing calls can be easily transferred from one device to another with great flexibility and convenience.
  11. Full sync is being maintained in between windows and mobile phones.
  12. Sticker messages, photo and text can be easily selected and customized in accordance of the requirements and preferences of the users.
  13. High-quality HD video and voice calls can be freely enjoyed by means of this specialized app.
  14. This app highly encouraged the users to conduct easy and uninterrupted group conversations without any hazard for long hours and this is the reason that maximum corporate houses are highly using the same for conducting online based group meeting.

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