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Download Viber App Today! 1

If you want to have conversations with more than one person at once, you can also take advantage of the groups feature, where you can participate in groups of up to 100 people. This feature can even be used for business purposes if you or someone else in your work place needs to get word out about something fairly quickly.

The Viber app will also use push notifications to alert you when you’ve gotten a new text or call, guaranteeing that you won’t miss one, even if the app isn’t actively open. This is extremely convenient for your phone because keeping the app closed will help to save on data usage as well as battery life.

Sharing  pictures and videos with Viber

If you like to share pictures and videos of your life, you can also use Viber for that. You can use this feature along with the new doodling feature that allows you to draw pictures or draw on top of photos that you’ve taken before sending to your friends.

When making or receiving calls with the Viber app, you will notice that the calls are very high quality. The only down side to this is that you have to call someone who is already a user of Viber or you will be charged a small fee, which is probably how they can support themselves without advertisements, but upon registering your phone, Viber will automatically synchronize your contacts to find out who is already on Viber.

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