Viber integration with Rakuten ID’s

rakuten viber

It is essential to mention the integration of Viber with Rakuten ID’s which is from Japan and about  US$1.29 billion in revenue has been recorded by the company in the quarter which just passed. Rakuten has paid whopping US$900 million for this and it simply shows the potential Viber has got.

The timing for this integration is just apt as Line has also a lot to offer in coming times where services like payments, food delivery and taxi hailing are about to be added and not to forget music, gaming as well as manga content by it. 608 million users are what Viber stands at as announced by Rakuten which is simply amazing and since December 2013, this shows the increase of 200 million people.

Also the unique ID’s of Viber has seen a rise by of 120 million since December 2013 and stands at 400 million users.

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