Viber Messaging is getting twice as fast as before

Viber Messaging is getting twice as fast as before 1

The company said users have made Viber an essential part of their daily life over the past eight years, exchanging billions of messages and minutes of conversation. “Thanks, we are truly humble and respectful. At the beginning of the new year, we are excited about the release of the new Viber 10,” the company said.


Video call App

Viber says the new version will be better, faster and more reliable for messaging. Over the past year, they have put a lot of effort into improving quality. Messaging is getting twice as fast as before, while audio and video call quality has been improved.

The mobile app is now much brighter instead of recognizable purple, and the design is much simpler. The start menu now only has options for messages, calls and settings. The new version of Viber also brings group video calls of up to five users. However, initially there is a possibility that some users will only have the option of group audio calls.

Recently, every update to the Viber app brings more and more tools for efficient, easy and free communication. In case you missed these benefits, let’s explore them and find out why regular updates bring breakthroughs that can really change your way of communication, and even your life.

Viber Community

It’s a super-group chat where an unlimited group of people can exchange messages and connect with each other, enjoying enhanced features – with just a few simple steps.

Viber has recently allowed us to change our already sent and delivered messages in the correct format, both in terms of content and in terms of grammatical accuracy. No more endless series of messages, which begin with an asterisk to explain what we really meant. Instead, just select the message that needs facelifting and change it with a single tap.

Skip the awkward language barrier that has kept you in the past, without having to install another new app on your phone’s already limited memory.

We’ve seen translation tools in some applications, but never before for a direct chat, whether it’s a one-on-one conversation or a group chat. Thanks to this small and useful plug-in, by tapping on a selected message, you get a chance to instantly talk to people of the same interests wherever they are, no matter what language they use and in the blink of an eye.

Viber for Desktop

There is another trick for Viber Desktop users, and especially those who primarily use it for business communication. Hover your mouse over the chat screen and click on the small triangle, then select one of the following options: a) “Default order” (to keep incoming calls in the order they arrived) or b) Unread messages on top” (how would keep Viber always unread chats at the top so you don’t lose important news, notifications and messages from your friends); and even c) “Mark all messages read” – if you found out what was happening in the meantime and you no longer need unread messages on the screen for a chat.


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