What Are The Recent Updates In Viber


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What Are The Recent Updates In Viber

Viber Messenger has always come up with new features to improve the user experience and offer an effective medium for conversation. These chat features aim to help users to express themselves better during a conversation. Some of the features are

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Download Viber Out from the Market and enjoy it!


Viber Out is one of the most exciting features of the Viber app which lets the user to make affordable calls to anybody who is not using the Viber app. However, the thing which separates Viber Out from others is definitely

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Tips to Using the Viber Public Chats for a More Astonishing Chat Experience


Viber also let fans follow their preferred brands, personalities, and emerging influencers through the exclusive feature of the application called Public Chats, apart from using it to connect friends and family. (6 raters, 23 scores, average: 3.83 out of 5)

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Download Viber for your New LG G4 Smartphone 2015


To beat competition and be the leader in the Smartphone industry, LG is now producing sophisticated Smartphones that will silence all the competitors. The LG G4 and LG G Flex are two of such Smartphones recently launched by LG. (10

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Why you need a Viber App Revealed!


Viber app has been around for quite a while now and it has brought a lot of benefits to the users. This application has come up with advanced features for picture messages and text messaging. Highlighted below are some of

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Newest features added to Viber in windows 8


A mobile application which consents you imperious messaging and utterance over VOIP is Viber. Viber is the most popular platform by which people got closer day by day. It’s totally free when a viber user send text files to another

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