Valuable Tips for Getting Improved Services from Viber App

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You are highly recommended to use the latest 4.0 version of Viber app in your mobiles, laptops, tablets and computer systems in order to get the best and highly customized calling and chatting facilities online. There are few essential tips that need to be followed by the users for getting improved service of Viber app.

Best Viber Tips for the users

  1. You can now get Viber-app installed in two devices with the updated version for gaining the optimized benefits or facilities from the same. Another reason for doing the same is that you can get connected with anybody and everybody at any time either from your tablet, laptop or mobile phones.
  2. You can also avail free stickers and in this case you need to choose the best one amongst different other stickers that are currently available in the market. This is how you can post your free stickers in an effective and convenient manner at the time of sending instant messages to your friends from Viber app.
  3. You can now use push-to-talk facility which is highly facilitating for making instant massaging facility faster and convenient.  This is why only 15 seconds are required for recording, sending, downloading and playing. Streamed messages are highly useful in this regard and you can also use microphone button for conducting the conversation smoothly.
  4. You can make your conversations customized as a result of which you can conduct private chat and messages in a secured manner with the help of Viber app. This can be done by using the default backgrounds and settings that are available in this regard. These settings are highly flexible and thus can be easily customized in accordance of requirements.
  5. You can also now always remain connected with Twitter and facebook with the help of this app and thus can interact with your friends at any time from either your mobile phones or laptops. You can also use tablets in this regard for the same purpose. Go on adding new friends via social network so that your friend list can be increased. You can also share group posts and messages in this manner with great convenience.

The instant massaging facility can be easily customized by means of having personalized Viber app. Some facilities that can be available by this app from customization include organizing of sleep settings of Wi-Fi, customization of last-online settings, e-mail service chat-history built-up, automatic screen-unlock and many more.

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