Newest features added to Viber in windows 8


A mobile application which consents you imperious messaging and utterance over VOIP is Viber. Viber is the most popular platform by which people got closer day by day. It’s totally free when a viber user send text files to another viber user. Besides, it provides lower call rate from viber user to another non viber user. This application is obtainable over WIFI or 3G. Users can use this application overAndroid, BlackBerry OS, iOS, Series 40, Symbian, Bada. Besides, it is available for windows 8. Now Viber is the best messaging application to send instant text available for iOS and android devices. After installing the Viber apps you can use this when you need.

It generally provides you better sound quality than other regular call. By using Viber out option you can make voice calls, text messages from your smart-phones to other normal landline numbers. The user of Viber is increasing day by day. At this moment more than 500 million are exercising Viber over 3G. Increasing the usage of this application Viber has brought some new facilities to the users.

Viber is now totally available in windows8 on your pc. Some new features have been added to Viber in windows8. Using windows8 users can send message and are able to create HD sound quality calls from any windows8 pc or windows phone to other Viber users. The foremost thing for using Viber in windows8 is to install the Viber application on your smart-phone, Android or windows phone. When you are going to register a phone number will be asked from Viber for activation and that number will be your Viber number. With this activated phone number you are able to use Viber on your pc or tablet windows8 version.

Viber for windows8 permits you to send facetious stickers, make voice calls and send photos to your Viber contact listed friends. It also offers “Hold and Talk”- instant voice message to the users. Moreover selecting the chat background from chat gallery you can enhance the elegance of chat box in windows8. Recently Viber has brought some new features in Viber 4.0 version for windows8. Viber Out calling, Swipe through media, Video calls, new options for photos as well as Right-to-left support are new features added to Viber 4.0 version for windows8. In Viber 5.1, users will see some new extensions as like as interactive notifications, Share Extensions which have been recently updated with full IOS.

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