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Viber Out is one of the most exciting features of the Viber app which lets the user to make affordable calls to anybody who is not using the Viber app. However, the thing which separates Viber Out from others is definitely its call rates which are more affordable than any other app in the market currently.

What Makes Viber Out Different from Similar Platforms Already Available in the market Presently? Viber Out Features:

With “Viber Out”, you are able to make calls to landline & mobile phone users even though they don’t have the Viber app installed onto their device. In short, Viber Out acts in a very similar way as “Skype credits”. However, as opposed to Skype credits, Viber Out offers much cheaper rates to the end user.

It’s a cool feature for the users who frequently use the Viber app & want to make calls to individuals not using the Viber messenger app.

Also, for the users who are used to paying for Skype credits, Viber Out can turn out to be a suitable choice.

Viber is becoming more and more popular day by day & presently it boasts an enormous user-base of around 200M in 193 countries. The Viber Out feature is available on all the popular smart phone platforms like android, iOS, windows, etc.

Lately, the developers of Viber also launched another cool feature called as Public Chats for Viber users.

With the latest Public Chats feature, there hardly anything like group chats which are also offered through this application. Rather, the users will receive a Twitter like treat while looking into their daily favorite online brands, celebs, & other interesting topics of their choice.

To use it, simply visit your Viber account & you’ll see a tab with few concentric ovoid-like forms. It’s the new Public Chats feature from Viber. Once you tap on this tab, you’ll see a number of chats which you can begin joining or simply following. There’s a mix of both private as well as public chats, and in case you would like to take part in any of these chats, you should receive an invitation from the group.

Presently, Viber is available as a free app on a variety of platforms which includes iOS, Android, Win Phone, Win 10 Mobile as well as BlackBerry. In addition, the users are able to install Viber on their tabs & desktops using a single smart phone account.

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